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Wine glass and bowl

Feed Your Mood

What’s your mood today?

Craving for simple snacks? Delicious cuisine? A Romantic Dinner date? House Party Mood? Street-out? Or a DIY Night-out?

Whatever it may be, we have got your back..!!

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Leave nothing but your footprint

Travel Diaries

Travel. Love. Grow.

Browse through some amazing travel stories.

Alongside check out some travel essentials that you can rely on when backpacking for your next trip.

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Chocolate Brownie


House of Yum…!!

Here is what you have in the house..

Pictures of Delicious and mouth-watering cuisines, scrumptious snacks, delightful desserts, drinks, chocolates and more!

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“Warmth of Love & Magic of Food!”.

“Love Food Story” is a combination of “Love story” and “Food story” and 90% of the times both 😉

Everyone has fallen in LOVE at least ONCE in a lifetime, BUT falling in love with FOOD happens QUITE A LOT. Ohh! Common, everyone should agree to this! 😉 We love pampering our taste buds and our little heart. Don’t we?

Food and Love when looked at together gives us tons of “Zany and zippy” stories worth cherishing.

Most of our reviews and ratings are on personal experience and satisfaction. We don’t believe in reviewing and ratings just because we are associated with hotel joints/cafes, that takes the essence out of why we actually started this journey

Food in itself has a big storyyyyy, combining that with people’s experiences just makes a perfect blend of hunger and story telling.

Want to connect with us or just say Hi!, visit this page @lovefoodstoryy.

Join us in this zippy, filmy, foodieee, travel adventure !!

Black Temptation


Partner with Us –

Get in touch with us and share your FoodStory, we have all the ears.

Want to advertise/promote, reach out to ourWork with us page and we would get back to you soon.

Also, Drop us a mail of your new cafe joint/hotel coming up. As foodies we are always up for some scrumptious adventure!