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Cheesy Drift @ Cafe Liquid Love

This place in Kalyan serves delicious food, a small cafe near birla college. You can spend your evening well here with some great snacking and munchies.

Oh and their pizza, especially the “Garden Fresh Pizza” which we had was delicious and plated well.

Garden Fresh Pizza- Triple Cheese, capsicum, green chillies, onion, peprika, fresh coriander.?

We also had-
Corn Cream Cheese Sandwich (pictured)? which just vanished in 5 minutes, served in 5 triangle pieces, big bread and good stuffing plus added cheese.

After having that, we made add on orders of Pasta Alfredo (pictured) A Mix Pasta, toasted with cream white sauce and salute in onion, garlic, basil and Italian herb? along with Spicy Schezwan Fries? which just made our evening better.

Total Spend- Rs. 400 for 2 person approx.

Where- Kalyan, Mumbai

Our Take-

• It is a great place for evening snacking.

• Very Very Pocket Friendly.

• Perfect to go with

– Friends, Bae, pets, Family.

#LoveFoodStory recommended.

Health Fact-


Cheese is a good source of calcium, a key nutrient for healthy bones and teeth, blood clotting, wound healing, and maintaining normal blood pressure.
There are thousands of varieties of cheese, ranging from mild to mature in flavor, and low- to high-fat in composition.
Whole-Milk Cheese contains between 6 and 10 grams (g) of fat per 1-ounce (28 g), serving. Of this, 4 g to 6 g is saturated fat.





-Akshay Iyer

(Foodie. Filmy. Action Lover.)