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Nutella Affair @ The Pankcake Story

Mini pancakes loaded with nutella and white chocolate with banana slices and sprinkles ?


Delightful mini pancakes with loaded nutell, chocolate chips or whatever sweet you crave. Go and make your own story!

Or yet ahead?

Try decrypting their story from the list!

With 8 outlets in Mumbai-

▪Carter Road, Bandra
▪Pali Hill
▪Ghatkopar East
▪Borivali East
A must visit place for the Pancakes and dessert lovers ❤

》》The Must haves-

▪Oreo Crumble Mini Pancake
▪Fruit Compote Waffle
▪Brownie Chunks Crepe
▪Chocolate Bomb
▪Speckled Berries
▪Caramel Castle
▪Signature Nutties

》》Menu Sorted for you-

▪Mini Pancakes
▪Dessert Nachos
▪Our Story

》》Rs.500 for 2 person (approx)
Super pocket friendly, huhh?

In Frame:
” Nutella affair”.

One of the many mouth watering chocolatey Yumm you can get there.
Go pick yours!

#Comment which is your favourite pankcake ❤ ?

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》》Our Rating for @thepancakestory – 4.2☆

-Akshay Iyer
(Foodie. Filmy. Action Lover.)