The Great Filmy Ride @Box Office Cafe
Garlic Bread

The Great Filmy Ride @Box Office Cafe

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A perfect blend of coffee, food & Bollywood??



With the outlet in kalyan, Mumbai @boxofficecafee , is pure bliss for all the “Movie Lovers”.
The ambience is quite sassy!
You will get into the filmy zone, the moment you enter.??
Red carpet entry, filmy music, even the menu is twisted with a bollywood blend.?

In frame:
▪Masala Garlic Bread (Dil chahta hai menu)
▪Cheesy fries! ( ka-pow Background artist menu)??

》》The Must haves-
▪Paneer Pahadi Tikka

▪Box Office Signature special pizza
▪Chicken Tangdi Kabab
▪Ching Ling Baby Corn
▪Paneer Cheese ki Seekh
▪Paneer Hyderabadi Masala
▪Cheese Bullets

▪Dark Magic Sundae
▪Sizzling Brownie


The filmy, zippy ride and friends make the mood all the more delightful and entertaining. They have “Filmfare Awards” showcased in their ambience, red carpets, camera roll, shooting set kind of feeling. One will definately feel the difference.

》》Menu Sorted for you–>
(Know what to order, wherever you go)

▪Chakle India –

  1. Veg Tandoor/
  2. Non Veg tandoor

▪Chandni Chowk to China

  1. Veg Starters
  2. Non Veg Starters
  3. Veg Main Course
  4. Non Veg Main Course
  5. Noodles
  6. Rice

▪Director’s Special

  1. Chinese
  2. Tandoor
  3. Mains


▪Hummus and Salads

▪Veg Mains (Aadhe Idhar Jao)
▪Non-Veg Mains (Aadhe Udhar Jao)
▪Background Artists

  1. Veg
  2. Non-Veg

▪Roti Shoti- Khane k Sath

▪Dil Chahta Hai

  1. Pizza
  2. Burger
  3. Sandwiches
  4. Panini
  5. Garlic Bread
  6. Aakhri Pasta

▪Happy Ending

  1. Sundaes
  2. Paan
  3. Icecreams
  4. Brownie

Cheese Bullets

》》Rs.400 for 2 person (approx).

°°Cash and Card both accepted.
°°From 12 Noon to 12 Midnight, sit back and relish your Dinner?

Go try yourself!
Don’t wanna go, still craving?

They also have a tie-up for Late Night Deliveries upto 4AM. Perfect for your Night-outs.
Order Online and enjoy your house party!??????

Pro Instagram tip –

Follow and answer their “Friday Film Quiz” and get discounts and surprise.
Join the filmy ride!❤


-Akshay Iyer

(Filmy. Foodie. Action Lover.)

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