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Nachos Overloaded @Blanco, Mumbai

?Bar Snacks that are a perfect companion to a weekend binge- drinking [email protected]

Nachos Overloaded is one of their most popular options.?

What they are known for?

Casual Dining + Mediterranean + European!

Need a quick #InsideAccess?-

▪ #DrinkToSave – Tequila, Rum, Vodka(This is for the adventurer)?

▪ Zucchini Tortillini- Onion, Tomato, Parmesan, Thyem.
▪ Blanco Special- Assorted Veg/Chicken, Cheese, Flaming liquor on top.

▪ Tuna and Pasta Salad.

▪ Grill Veg platter – Assorted Platter of grilled vegetables, Brie, Arabiata Sauce.

▪ Cocktails + Mocktails of your choice.

Image Courtesy?- @blancobareatery

Total Spend when @ – Rs.1800 for 2 person (approx.) Rs.180 for a pint of beer.

#LoveFoodStory recommended.

There are lots of places out there serving nachos, but this place has the best nachos with cheese for you, definitely worth a try.


▪Andheri, Lokhandwala



If you want to cut down on greasy food but aren’t ready to give up nachos, just make some adjustments. For a more diet-friendly snack, try baked tortilla chips, ground chicken, a small amount of cheese, and lots of vegetables
Relish thoughtfully. Cherish with love.❤️

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-Akshay Iyer

(Foodie. Filmy. Action Lover.)

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