Nutella Cheesecake @Chantilly The Cafe

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?Here you have the baked Newyork Cheesecake which they cover in a lot of Nutellaaa.

Well, #welovenutella?

Try it today. ? @chantillythecafe

☆What they are known for?

Waffles + Pastries + Milkshakes+ Coffee!

☆Need a quick #InsideAccess-

▪Belgian Waffle Sandwich.

▪Liege Cinnamon Bun – Cinnamon Sugar + Creamcheese frosting + Caramel.

▪Double Chocolate – White + Dark Molten Chocolate.

▪Dark Chocolate Butterscotch Milkshake.

▪Make You Own Waffles (MYOW).

☆Total Spend when @ – Rs.350 for 2 person (approx.)

Super pocket friendly, hey!!?


▪Pali Hill, Bandra West?

Liege Waffles + Belgian Waffles+ MYOW + pastries is their top highlight!

#lovefoodstory recommended

Image Courtesy ?- @chantillythecafe

TAG a friend with whom you wanna WAFFLE that way!??

Make A twist in your food story.


Besides the fattening cream cheese, cheesecake is a good source of vitamin A, followed by selenium, riboflavin, phosphorous and calcium. It also contains small amount of iron.

Baked Cheesecake uses natural or healthy products like cream cheese, crackers and eggs with far less sugar than a regular cake.

-Akshay Iyer

(Foodie. Filmy. Action Lover.)





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