Our Jungle Safari @Rain Forest Restro!
Blush on Ice

Our Jungle Safari @Rain Forest Restro!

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BLUSH ON ICE- Kiwi and Curacao layered between crushed ice and sprite🍸 – In Frame


Rain Forest Restro and Bar –

A Restro+ Bar having forest like ambience definitely gets you in the JUNGLE SAFARI🍸🍹🎊🎉🍝🍧@rainforestresto

What we recommend?

Go and have some heavy dinner with cocktails🍸🍽
When with friends you will be in that forest and Jungle book mode to be precise.😉

With 3 outlets in Mumbai-

▪Pheonix, kurla

which is quickly growing!!

》》Main Menu sorted for you->>


▪Soups (With a lotttt of variants)
▪Veg/Non-Veg Appetizers
▪Assorted Breads/Side Orders

》》BAR Menu-



▪Sea food
▪Main Course
“Rain Forest Restro+Bar” serves quite a variety of dishes, cuisines and drinks. Worth a shot.

》》Our take->>

You will enjoy the forest like ambience, food, drinks and the service.
Beat your Weekday blues and get going!😎😍
Get in the Party Mode!🍸🍻🍝🀊.

》》Cost – Rs.1800 for 2 Person(approx.)

》》Our Ratings – 4.0☆ (recommended)

Follow @lovefoodstoryy for more storiess and reviews! 🍸🍨🍽🍹
You never know, we can turn out to be pav to your bhaji, Jarvis to your Ironman, Tom to your Jerry, Cheese to your Burger!🍔🍝

-Akshay Iyer

(Foodie. Filmy. Action Lover.)

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