You are currently viewing The Beginning of Love Food Story !!

The Beginning of Love Food Story !!

“Warmth of Love & Magic of Food!”❤??

-Our Motto


First things first –

What you will find here?

Some delicious Food Stories, travel stories with a pinch of filmy tadka to it..

We would be showcasing some delicious cuisines and its essence behind!

We are here to solve the number one question of any foodie/non foodie for that matter – “What to eat, before I go there”.

We ease out the menu for you and slot it in an easy and “Glance through way”. Along with recommending our personal favourites that you should try.

Okay! SO this is the first post, so bear with our “Self centered talk”. We promise that, vice versa would be the case from the next posts. Here you go-


“Love Food Story” is a combination of “Love story” and “Food story” and most of the times both 😉

Everyone has fallen in LOVE at least ONCE in a lifetime, BUT falling in love with FOOD happens QUITE A LOT. Ohh! Common, everyone should agree to this! 😉 We love pampering our taste buds and our little heart. Don’t we?

▪Food, drink & friends, a story that never ends!
▪ Showcasing some delicious cuisines & its essence behind!

We initially did a soft launch on few days back with our Instagram account.

And now we were Extremely stoked to announce our website launch today, i.e. 04th March 2018.

Flashback to how my journey started in the online world –

After handling 2 different websites in the last 2 years –

The Brown Almond” – A website about lifestyle, fashion, books, films etc. Yeah, I know it was too much to handle and that’s the reason why I was super active for 2 months and then soon lost interest. But even now I use that site at times, just to relive those days.

Squirinch”  – A website showcasing curated products. A Gifting website basically. We will not go into deep now, it is still an active project 😉

And after all these, I realized that my main interest was always in “Food” and “Films”. Indulging in other things just made me less competitive. The idea of food blog was in my mind since long, but never got any chance to implement it. And not so long back, I discussed this idea just to tell my perspective to a very close friend of mine, and she was all the more excited to hear it because she too being a foodie had the same thought’s as that of mine.

She had this thought long back, but then dropped on the idea (Because we as people have many ideas but not always do we implement them). The idea of a food blogging just gave us a new perspective, Having different food interests we are able to diversify and share the exciting food stories with each other and NOW with YOU too. (More about us in “About the team section below).

Coming back to the making of “LoveFoodStory” –

Soooo, It was a longggg “Holi Weekend” (Hope you guys had a colourful day) and me leaving aside the “HOLI day, Night-outs and parties” (Well not all the parties though 😉 was busy in designing our website, dug deep, day in and day out for full 3 days from Friday to Sunday (2nd march to 4th march both days inclusive).

What was in the list?

Discussing the idea on how the website should look and feel, jotting down various points, getting the documents and the legal mumbo jumbo right with our consultant, overcoming many technical glitches and searching for solutions in Google. Ohhh, yess!! It was frustrating, and hell of a task. I’m done with being a techie!! (haha). But, seriously! Being a professional from a Commerce background always dealing in audit, taxes and finance, it kind of felt very difficult to do coding and development, but it was a good experience though!

I am done with my part of technicalities, let’s all do what we are good at. Let’s do some FOOD ADVENTURE now!!

Here is presenting our logo of LOVEFOODSTORY

Our Logo-



    We, as colleagues always loved clicking pictures, earlier it was self-pampering/crazy/group/foodie/Landscape/scenic pictures, which now has turned into a “Food obsessed clicks”. Having different tastes, likes and definitely appetite has rightly benefited us to expand & grow ourselves. And this is the main reason why we are able to bring some new set of stories each time.

    Being absolute foodies, we want to explore all the varieties of cuisines and delicious food. Travelling to places and having different cuisines has always been in our list, now we have a medium to express it.

    Bringing out “Behind the scenes” and showcasing the “Story of its authenticity” is what we do. “Know what you love, before you go” is our mantra for you. To bring this mantra to action, we do this work for you. We love reviewing, rating and relishing variety of Food & Drinks. Getting the Top-5 places, reviewing about the ambience, and our “Lovefoodstory recommended” must try list will make your life a bit easier.

  • Heart warming stories and mouth watering food always deserves a “YES”.Stay tuned!Constructive feedbacks are always welcome. We have all ears!

    -Akshay Iyer

    (Fully Filmy. Foodie. Action Lover.)

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  1. B.

    Happy blogging!
    (By the way… I don’t really follow up the whole socail networks thing in general (I barely have a FB account and never ever use it..) but thumbs up for everything!

    1. lovefoodstory

      Hey thanks B.
      I believe social network is a medium to reach more people!
      Initially it will not benefit. But in future it definately will add up.
      But appreciate your view too.
      Cheers and thanks!

      1. B.

        You are very welcome!

  2. moyatori

    Hey, sounds pretty awesome! I look forward to whatever you’re going to bring us~

    1. lovefoodstory

      Appreciate it moyatori.
      Stay connected!
      Look forward for the same.

  3. skd

    Congratulations and all the best??

    1. lovefoodstory

      Hey thanks Skd!
      Thankyou for stopping by!

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