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The Chocolate Heaven, Mumbai

?Indulge in a chocolatey dip with “Chocolate Mud Pot Freakshake”? THE CHOCOLATE HEAVEN, a cafe for chocoholics.


Chocolate made in heaven.. served on planet earth.

CHOCOLATE. Just the word evokes warm, fuzzy feelings inside and brings a smile to our faces. It is the language of friendships, the ultimate expression of love and ode to sweet, cut and affectionate souls world over


▪Vile Parle east

♡ Our Take-

The freakshakes out there are super delicious and super chocolatey.?

》》It costs Rs.600 for 2 person(approx.)

》》In Menu-

▪Swiss Fondue
▪Italian Hot Chocolate
▪Finger food
▪Garlic Bread
▪Blooming Bread
▪Iced Coffee &Tea
(With lots of sub-menu’s that can be tasted ad tested by you)

Ouchhhhhhhh! This seems a lot of menu, let us help you out with favourites….❤❤

》》Menu Sorted for you–>

(Know what to order, wherever you go)

->>Our Favourites-

▪Pure Chocolate Shake
▪Mars shake
▪Waffle Tower Sundae
▪Belgian chocolate Waffle
▪Heaven’s Famous Pancakes
▪Mexican Tartlets
▪Four Cheese Pizza (coz when it comes to pizza four is not more)
▪Brownie Hot Chocolate

Let us know, what’s yours?

》》Our Ratings – 4.0☆

Waffles + Freakshakes+ Nachos + Smoothie is their top highlight!

#lovefoodstory recommended.

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TAG a friend with whom you wanna CHOCOLATEY all the way!??

?/?- Feature/?Credits/Queries – We will get back to you soon!

Make A twist in your food story.


▪Dark Chocolate is Nutritious. ▪Powerful Source of Antioxidants.
▪May Improve Blood Flow and Lower Blood Pressure.
▪Dark Chocolate Raises HDL and Protects LDL Against Oxidation.
(Anything excess is bad though!)
Relish thoughtfully.?

-Akshay iyer.

(Foodie. Filmy. Action Lover.)

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