You are currently viewing The Lil Flea @JioGarden, BKC

The Lil Flea @JioGarden, BKC

? 11 food brands handpicked from 60+ Food & Dessert Brands coming to The Lil Flea this weekend. ?

Come, allow your palette to experience a wide range of new flavors in between your shopping and the cocktails.

☆Need a quick #InsideAccess? @thelilflea –

▪Where: JioGarden, BKC

▪When: 6, 7 & 8th April + 13, 14 & 15th April, 2018.

▪2 weekends! Back to back

▪Timings : 12 noon to Midnight

▪Tickets are Live on Insider.

In Frame- Crispy Finger Food served on a stick @thestickhouse

“The Stick House” –

Started by two friends from the corporate world as a weekend activity, taking the best from all sinful crispy finger food that can be served on a stick, ‘The Stick
House’ quickly rose to be a hot favourite for its classic ‘Fish & Chips’ and tornado fries at
the hip-est spots around town. And of course thelilflea is a part of that wonderful story.

Exploring Yellow, the colour of joy & festivity!

#lovefoodstory recommended
?- @thelilflea

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Make A twist in your food story. Explore More!

Visit @thelilflea for ticket link!

-Akshay iyer

(Foodie. Filmy. Action Lover.)

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  1. Vidya Narayan

    That looks delicious. Had been there yesterday. Somehow Couldn’t gorge on the yum varieties as the queue was super lengthy. Gave it a miss. Will check it out next week. Thanks for the feedback.

    1. lovefoodstory

      Yeah.. do try out this week.. Frugurpop Icecream and The Stick House is what we recommend. Check out their insta to go drooling! Cheers! Enjoy the Flea!

      1. Vidya Narayan

        Thanks for the reco. Cheers!

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